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I am still tripping but heres my entire day.

So I woke up around 11am and I call Derico Watson and we chat for a bit and made a few more calls to a friend of mine (who happens to be named Ian XD) to get him a ticket so he can come to the show.

Derico texts me back saying "Don't come until 3-4:00 nothing is set up yet" which left me plenty of time.

Ian arrives to my house around 3:45 and we leave around 4:00 and we arrive around 4:45 and I call Derico again to let him know whats up but I obviously called him during soundcheck so Ian and I got something to eat :) on the way there we saw Anthony Wellington (Vic's bassist and bass tech) chillin outside the venue talking to Dave Welsh (Another bassist in the show and he played trumpet too) they were REALLY REALLY nice people.

So after we talked to Anthony Wellington,Ian noticed one of Vic's drummers, JD Blair so I walked in nervously and introduced myself,told him how I really enjoyed his playing and it will be my first time seeing him play because the first 3 times I saw Victor, Derico was behind the drums playing for him but I knew if JD and Derico will be playing together things are gonna be crazy. JD is such a humble and comedic guy! Very positive energy. I also mentioned to him that I was invited by Derico as a guest because I won a recent competition by Vic firth and then he gets shocked and wants me to sit in on a song of his called "20/20". Now I'm nervous but I didn't believe him but I told him " I would be honored but don't get mad if I butcher your song" JD said, "Don't worry I've heard you play and it's all about teamwork" and he said it very genuinely and with a big smile which made me gain confidence in myself. So I thanked JD for his time and Ian and I looked for a restaurant.

We headed to a restaurant called "Stan and Jones Saloon" (Check it out here

This is what I ate: A burger with Provalone Cheese and cheesestake bits on it with onions,lettuce and fries with old bay seasoning on it!

I COULDN'T EAT IT ALL but I ate most of it and it was FRIKKIN delicious!

We head back to the Venue and my friend/student Duncan comes out and we chat as I pick up the tickets I have reserved for Ian and I.

We just talked about the sound check and stuff and then Derico comes out we hug and we catch up,Steve and Dunan walk in and we start talking about life and music and whatnot.

Then Derico comes I got more calls but when we headed outside I saw 2 more familiar faces.

Lee Pearson (who is currently touring with Spyro Gyra) and Dennis Chambers (a legendary drummer who is currently working with Carlos Santana) were there outside the venue just chatting and they were super happy to see me. Dennis congratulated me on winning the competition and I'm just not used to this attention then Dennis asked Lee and I what we would like to drink. I was taken aback a bit because

1. a world famous drummer just asked me what I wanted to drink
2. I was just congratulated by someone who is world famous
3. WHAT?!

Lee just asked for an orange juice and I just asked for Cranberry juice and Dennis gave us some funny faces then Dennis asked "How old are you" and I told him "I just turned 21 this March" and he gave me this face practically saying "You sure you don't want anything to drink?" I said "I don't drink lololol" we conversate a bit more and he heads inside to get Lee and I our drinks and he joked and said "You might wanna smell that" knowing Dennis he could be serious but he's known to be a jokester when he's around people he knows.

I was having the time of my life and the JD Blair comes out again and we joke even more and then he mentions to Dennis that I'll be sitting in tonight and I get nervous all over again.

Then Victor Wooten comes out and lets us know the show is about to start so we head inside and sit down. I was in the front row sitting to the right behind Derico's drums so yeah I was taking notes all night.

I was having a blast! then during Steve Baily's bass solo JD taps me on the shoulder to let me know that I'll be sitting in on the next song so I'm nervous all over again because I was like "FUCK HE'S SERIOUS"

The next song starts and it's "Imagine this" from Vic's 2000 release "Yin-Yang" and then it heads into JD's song "20/20" (which isn't released yet) and he introduces me onto the stage and I jump on the kit and start playing.

I was soooooo nervous because I never heard this song before and they had a rhythmic break so anytime it happened I just let them play the break and I just came in on the 1 but when I got a solo I didn't play much but everybody apparently loved it!

After I was finished performing everybody just gave me so much love….something I am NOT used to especially coming from musicians. Everybody was giving me high fives and "Great job" and I was like "WOW I DID IT"

After the band finished their last song JD dragged me to the band's changing room and I was introduced to Vic again,Dave Welsh,Steve Bailey (who is the head bass instructor at Berklee School of Music CONGRATS TO HIM) and everybody and they just gave me more love and encouragement which was something I really need I'm still trying to figure out how this happened.

after the show I couldn't leave the venue people were telling me how much they enjoyed my playing it was just an AMAZING show and a day I'll never forget….SOOOO OVERWHELMING!

BTW I have a feeling I might be working with Dave Welsh soon!!! I passed out sooo many business cards yesterday!!! YEAHHHHH!!!! X3
  • Reading: The Big Gig by Zoro
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Fjordian Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2016
Wow!I am so happy for you mate! I always knew you'd make a name for yourself, and it's going to get even better!!! :D

I'm not on the internet these days due to ill health, but I just had to comment to congratulate you my friend.

I send you my love and fondest wishes. :hug: Take good care, and best wishes to your family too.

All the best from rainy Glasgow!

Yan (Iain)
iKimchie Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012  Student Digital Artist
you need to meet my two cousins who are becoming popular DJ's in Mexico.
my family also has the music bloodline flowing through and my cousins are mostly the new generation of my family to play music besides my uncle who plays in a small rock band in Mexico.
Fjordian Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2012

Take care mate,
Ecapa Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2012
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